Tulle Swatches - Color Samples

Tulle Swatches - Color Samples


Take the guessing out of the equation and order tulle swatches TODAY! Every bridal designer has a different name and interpretation of what "Ivory" looks like. Which in turn makes it challenging to know what color veil to order. Take advantage of these swatches to be sure your veil will match your wedding dress and feel Veiled Beauty's quality in person.

- The texture of our Tulle is light and sheer - feel for yourself upon arrival
- Swatches measure 4" x 4" and include four layers of tulle
- Swatches ship within 5-7 business days - USPS First Class Mail (no tracking)

Bridal Illusion Tulle Colors:
- White: stark white, white as printer paper
- Diamond White: in between true white and ivory, a subtle off white color
- Ivory: a hint of cream / subtle pale yellowish tone
- Champagne: subtle butterscotch/caramel
- Sand: warm deep hue of nude
- Buff: a very tan nude... think 80's nylons
- Peach Pie: warm perfect balance between coral and pink
- Sweet Pea: baby girl pink
- Rose: darker pink with a subtle warm burnt amber hue
- Marionberry: deeper but brighter blush hue than the Rose
- Blue: A cross between sky blue and air force blue
- Platinum: a pale grey hue
- Rain Cloud: a soft darker grey
- Black: soft true black

Ombre' Hand Dyed Tulle Sample Options:
- Ivory w/ Ombre' Blush: Ivory tulle with a gradual soft pink dip dye effect
- Ivory w/ Ombre' Pink: Ivory tulle with a gradual pink dip dye effect
- Ivory w/ Ombre' Blue: Ivory tulle with a gradual blue dip dye effect
- Ivory w/ Ombre' Purple: Ivory tulle with a gradual purple dip dye effect

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Tulle Color:
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Standard Wedding Veil Lengths
18" Shoulder Length
22” Mid Chest Length
30” Elbow/Waist Length
34” Hip Length
42” Fingertip Length
55” Ballet Length
65” Waltz Length
75” Chapel Length
108” Cathedral Length