How quick will my veil ship?

6 WEEKS within the USA
8 WEEKS International

*All our veils and most of our accessories are made to order. We aim to get orders out as fast as possible! Some items ship faster and are marked accordingly!

HELP, I'm in a hurry!

Don't worry babes, we've got you covered.

Items needed in less than 6 WEEKS within the USA require a RUSH - $35
Items needed in less than 8 WEEKS International require a RUSH - $50

Simply choose rush shipping upon checkout.

Which veil should I order?

Oh honey, I know!! Planning a wedding can be a bit overwhelming! Send us a picture of your dress and we'll be excited to make a few suggestions!

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Which color will match my dress?

We encourage all our brides to take advantage of our FREE SWATCHES! Photo filters and lighting variations can make pictures of your wedding dress unreliable to accurately depict which color will match. Sleep sound, order swatches on our dime!


What are the traditional veil lengths?

18" - Shoulder Length
22” - Mid Chest Length
30” - Elbow Length
34” - Hip Length
42” - Fingertip Length ( Popular )
55” - Ballet Length ( Kat's Fave )
65” - Waltz Length
75” - Chapel Length
108” - Cathedral Length ( Top Seller )

Which length veil should I order?

If you like the look of one of our veils we recommend ordering the length that is listed as "shown"! This will give you the most realistic picture as to how the veil will look in person.

Can you make me a custom length?

Absolutely! We don't charge more for a few extra inches here and there if *lace isn't involved. Contact Us for all other custom requests.

How do I measure myself for a custom length veil?

Since most of you gals don't have a fabric tape measure (because it ain't the 50's anymore), here's a trick of the trade. Take a long string or piece of yarn and place it on your head at the desired comb position. From there drape the string down to your desired length and mark the end. Then measure the string on a ruler or yard stick.

*If you'd like a longer veil make sure not to pull the string taught. Instead give it some slack and let it drag behind you a bit on the floor. This works well if you're wearing your dress so you can visualize how far beyond the train you'd like your veil to go. This may require some help from your bestie!

What's the difference between Bridal Illusion Tulle & English Net?

First let me clarify that Bridal Illusion Tulle can also be referred to as just tulle. There are various qualities of tulle however Bridal Illusion Tulle is the best quality because it has the smallest holes. Tulle has a soft flowy look and feels weightless. It is the most sheer option if a transparent veil is desired. It is prone to wander in a gust of wind which is why it's most often featured in the iconic "veil blowing in the wind" photos my darling brides send me after the wedding.

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English Net on the other hand is so soft to the touch that brides can't resist it once they've felt it. The texture is thicker and more opaque than tulle. It's lovely for a single layer, falls straight down from the comb and wraps around your shoulders - look! It's not however the best option for a blusher (over the face look). Think Leah... who's under that veil???

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POP QUIZ* Kate Middleton's veil was made from ____ and Kim Kardashian's veil was ____.

How many layers? Single layer, two tier or triple layer veil? HELP!

For a more simple look order a single layer veil. A double layer veil is referred as a "Two Tier Veil" and often times the second, shorter tier is referred to as a "blusher". 

What is a blusher?

The blusher is a shorter layer on the veil designed to be worn over the face as you walk down the aisle for the traditional lifting of the veil!


What is a drop veil?

Think Kate Middleton or Kim Kardashian! A drop veil is a double layer or two tier veil that is cut from a circle. The two layers are created by folding the tulle or net in half. Blahh...blah... all you really need to know is if you like the look of a drop veil or not. In general drop veils have a soft cascading feel.

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What is a Juliet Veil?

Think back a few years to when Kate Moss got married. Got the picture? Incase you missed her iconic veil I'll spell it out for ya. A Juliet veil is a 1920's inspired bridal veil where the tulle or netting gathers at the sides of the head near the ears. Often times it's embellished with flowers or lace. See one of our TOP SELLERS here!

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What does "gather at the comb" mean?

Traditional veils have gathered tulle or netting at the comb. Meaning a large portion of fabric is bunched up to create a ruffled look at the top of the veil. The gather adds volume and body. Think Carrie Bradshaw... and no, I'm not referring to the massive peacock on the side of her head.

For a sleek no "gather at the comb" look think Lauren Conrad's or again Kim Kardashian's veil.


Do your veils have combs?

All of our veils are hand sewn to a metal hair comb for secure, "stay put" placement.

Most of our veils are sewn to a 3" silver coated metal comb
Juliet Veils are sewn to two 1.5" silver or gold metal combs

What's the trick to putting the veil on securely?

Let me tell you LADIES, after eight years of specializing in VEILS I've learned a trick or two. The key is flipping the comb the opposite direction, grabbing some hair and then flipping the comb back down... blah blah blah... This probably makes no sense!


I have SUPER short hair, can I still wear a veil?

ABSOLUTELY!! We've found the trick my loves! We can switch out any combs for hair extension clips, which let me tell you... these puppies WORK! At no extra charge!

How wide are your veils?

Tulle veils are approximately 80" - 100" wide (depending upon style and length)
English Net veils are approximately 55" - 58" wide (cut from 60" wide fabric)

How do I iron my veil?

When you receive your veil I recommend taking it out of the package and hanging it up in your closet so the wrinkles can begin to fall out naturally (careful... kitties think tulle is fun to scratch at). 

Bridal Illusion Tulle veils are best ironed on wool or silk silk settings with no steam. Anything hotter is liable to melt the tulle. Check that your iron is clean prior to touching the veil surface. To be extra careful take a white pillow case and place it in-between the veil and iron.

English Net veils can be ironed on a wool or silk setting as well however most of the wrinkles should fall out naturally when you hang it up for a 24 hour period. English Net veils are not susceptible to melting so you don't need to be as cautious.

How to Iron A Wedding Veil