Rose Blush Boudoir Bridal Gown

Rose Blush Boudoir Bridal Gown

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Looking for a touch of blush? Last year Kat was considering expanding into bridal lingerie. This by far was the team favorite of all the robes and pieces she created. It's OH SO SOFT to the touch. The back has just a slight lower dip and the draped off the shoulder sleeves bid and effortless beauty. A true Veiled Beauty one of a kind as this is a ONE OFF! 

Rose Blush Lace Gown

- 100% handmade by Veiled Beauty Team
- Cut from SOFT Rose Lace (completely sheer... model is wearing a nude body suite underneath. NOT INCLUDED)
- Raw cut simplistic edge on the bottom hem and sleeves
- Size 2/4 (one size)
- Model's measurements: Height 5'8" Bust 32 Waist 23 Hip 35.5
- Please note: the lace is soft and a bit delicate. Snags easily*

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Standard Wedding Veil Lengths
18" Shoulder Length
22” Mid Chest Length
30” Elbow/Waist Length
34” Hip Length
42” Finger Tip Length
55” Ballet Length
65” Waltz Length
75” Chapel Length
108” Cathedral Length