Blue Ombre' Veil, Silver Soutache Bridal Veil, Drop Veil, Dip Dyed Veil, Hand Dyed Ombre' Blue Wedding Veil 1711


The silhouette of our soutache trim drop veil is a sight for sore eyes, possibly bridal veil perfection. The structured edge of the soutache cording provides a stunning cascading flow for both short and long veils. This veil seems to gracefully dance around the bride as she glides down the aisle. The sheer Bridal Illusion Tulle drops from a silver hand-sewn comb. Available in a variety of tulle colors to match any bride's wedding dress. Exclusively from Veiled Beauty.

Blue Ombre' Hand Dyed Drop Veil with Silver Soutache Cording, Style #1711

- Handmade from Bridal Illusion Tulle
- Soutache cord comes in Diamond White (1/8" wide), Ivory (1/8" wide) or Silver (3/16" wide)
- Please specify desired Soutache cord color upon checkout
- Shown in 65" with 30" blusher with silver soutache cord
- One hand-sewn 3" silver metal comb for secure placement
- No gather at the comb for a wrinkle free hang
- Available in 9 different Bridal Illusion Tulle colors with Blue Ombre' Hand Dyed end
- Ships in 6 - 8 weeks
- Only available with a blusher. However many of our brides that don't want a blusher just keep the second layer back instead of pulling it forward. Super lovely option!
- All sales are final

Standard Wedding Veil Lengths
18" Shoulder Length
22” Mid Chest Length
30” Elbow/Waist Length
34” Hip Length
42” Finger Tip Length
55” Ballet Length
65” Waltz Length
75” Chapel Length
108” Cathedral Length

Photo Credit: Kurt Boomer

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Do not re-post photos without permission. Penalty will be persued. All photos and designs are property of Veiled Beauty © Copyright 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Blusher/Second Layer?

A blusher is the second layer or tier of tulle that is often, but doesn't have to be, worn over the face as you walk down the aisle. It is traditional and incredibly romantic to have your man lift the veil before your first kiss as husband and wife. Whoever is walking you down the aisle can also be the one to lift the blusher over your face to your back before they hand you off to your soon-to-be significant other.

Does Veiled Beauty make custom blush, grey or black veils?

We sure do! Simply inquire with Kathy if you don't see the option in the listing's drop down menu.

Will my color Ivory match Veiled Beauty's Ivory?

Keep in mind that every designer has a different name and interpretation of what a "White" or "Ivory" dress looks like. My Diamond White may be another designer's Ivory. Though I love receiving photos of your wedding dress, they often don't accurately represent the color of your dress. My recommendations are only as reliable as the photos you provide. That's why actually seeing and feeling the fabric swatches in person can prove to be most helpful when selecting the perfect color match. I have included a list and description of Veiled Beauty's color options below.

What is the difference between English Net and Bridal Illusion Tulle?

English Net is much softer and feels more like fabric than Bridal Illusion Tulle. English Net is perfect for the bride that wants minimal pouf and loves the way it falls straight down from the comb(s). See here:

Bridal Illusion Tulle has more loft to it. A dramatic veil with lots of volume can be achieved with multiple layers or lots of gathering of Bridal Illusion Tulle. Bridal Illusion Tulle is very light and catches a gust of wind easily. See here:

How do I measure myself for a custom length veil?

This is much easier with help from a friend or your honey! You'll need a string/ribbon and a ruler. Try to measure with a similar hairstyle as you intend to wear on the bog day. Place the string/ribbon on your head where you you'll want to wear the comb (near the ear line for Juliet caps). Then let it fall naturally in the back or to the floor of your desired length. It is best to do this while wearing your wedding gown if it has a train. For longer veils let the string tail behind you, similar to how the veil would fall and don't pull the string taught on the ground. Allow a bit of slack. Take the string and measure it out on a ruler. For a blusher do the same thing, just let the string fa

How are Veiled Beauty veils worn?

Classic veils are attached to a gently curved 4" silver metal comb. The curve of the comb should be placed with the curve of your scalp. We've found that metal combs are more secure and easier for hair stylists to work with. If you would rather I put loops for bobby pins I'm happy to do that too. Simply message me.

Wholesale availability

Wholesale inquires gladly accepted! Message Kathy directly for more details.

How Are Veiled Beauty Bridal Caps Worn?

There are two small combs attached to either side of the cap near the ear where the tulle gathers. For best placement, slide one comb in and then hold it in place while you put the other one in. When pushing the second comb in, don't be scared to stretch the tulle a bit so that there is some tension on the cap when you slide the second comb in. The tension on the cap will help hold the combs in place. This may take some practice before you get a REALLY secure placement. The caps can be worn high or low on the head. The placement completely depends on your preference.

Care instructions

Make sure to take your veil out of the package and hang it up so the wrinkles can begin to fall out. You way want to hang dry cleaners plastic over the veil to protect it. You can also place in a garment bag but be very careful using the zipper as to not snag the veil. We highly recommend ironing your veil on LOW (silk setting) with a pillow case places IN BETWEEN your veil and the iron to ensure that you don't burn your veil. Do NOT steam your veil.

What Length will suit me best?

Message us with your dress photos and I'm more than happy to offer you my expert opinion.

Standard Wedding Veil Lengths
18" Shoulder Length
22” Mid Chest Length
30” Elbow/Waist Length
34” Hip Length
42” Finger Tip Length
55” Ballet Length
65” Waltz Length
75” Chapel Length
108” Cathedral Length

How wide are Veiled Beauty Veils?
Our long veils are 100" wide and short veils (shorter than 42" fingertip length) are approximately 50" wide.

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